Champions Academy is a mentoring and development framework that helps people recognise their full potential and encourages them to apply it to a cause greater than the individual.

Everything we do here – everything – is about promoting Champions.

Our programs and events are designed to help people to recognise their human potential and aim to teach them how to apply it to a cause greater than themselves. Whether that means Championing a cause locally in their community, or approaching problem solving from the perspective of human centred design and shared value, to have global reach.

We work with people of all ages to help them understand the implications and broader impact their behaviours may have — not just in their own lives, but on the people and community around them. What we’ve noticed is that helping people to make conscious decisions about their thoughts and actions leads to a deeper understanding of how to become an influencer of positive change and play an active role in shaping the future they want to see.

CA for Schools
We design Programs from junior primary through to Year 7, as well as Workshops for secondary students from year 8-12.

Our programs are each custom designed to meet the objectives of the school, suit the unique needs of the students, and align with a purpose project in the community, if desired.

You can find an example of our CA for Schools programs here:


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CA for Sporting Clubs
We have a range of programs for associations and clubs, and have a virtual mentoring community that individuals can register for.

We offer season long or two day intensive programs which can be delivered as a collaboration with multiple clubs, or a focus solely on the needs of one club. Sessions timings are negotiable with clubs, and delivered in a family-inclusive format.

Download our latest program offerings here:


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Periodically we host special events which cover a range of themes to meet the needs of rural and regional communities.

Our events support the key themes of programs that we are delivering at the time, and are designed around the specific needs of association, club or community. They are also designed to be a ‘training ground’ that helps CA program participants to apply the skills that they are learning in various programs.


Once travel restrictions ease, we will be looking to roll out our ‘Game Changers’ event series, which will act as a conduit for the youth demographic to be heard by current business, industry and community leaders, bringing new knowledge to the conversation through visiting Guest Mentors from around the country.

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